Building a Habit with Flash Fiction

It’s hard getting back into the habit of writing when you haven’t done it in a long time. Before I got sick, I was working on a contemporary romance novel. I also have the outline for a mystery that I’ve been itching to write. But the idea of a novel right now is daunting. I want to get back to writing but I don’t want to dive into either of these novels.

Part of the reason is that I’m not sure what I want to write about. I always just assumed that I would write either romance or mystery fiction, or a combination of the two, since those two genres are what I read the most. But I also like horror, suspense, and historical fiction.

I have attempted multiple times to write a novel, but I’ve never come close to completing one. My current goal is to build up a daily writing habit. I want to work on stories that I know I will complete, and that is where flash fiction comes in.

For the rest of February I plan to write only flash fiction, focusing on 500-word stories. Months ago I started to take Holly Lisle’s free flash fiction class but never completed it. Hmm…never finishing things – that seems to be a recurring theme in my life. Anyway, starting today, I’m going to revisit this class and begin to build that daily writing habit.

Not only will flash fiction help me get into the habit of writing every day, but it will also help me figure out what I want to write about as well as get me into the habit of writing a story from beginning to end.